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Making the choice to pursue postgraduate education is a important step.

Blended Course Delivery

Courses are delivered with a combination of online and in-person lectures

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Postgraduate Diploma

Not ready for a Master's programme? A postgraduate programme is also available.

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Cutting-edge Projects

As part of the Master's programme you get to work on projects that have real-world impact.

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Register now and we'll send you more information on the programme and how it will advance your career. The Master's and Postgraduate Diploma programmes provide specialized training in IT that will enable entrepreneurs and IT professionals to transform their companies or themselves into a global technology resource.

Core Courses

These are the courses that every student enrolled in the programme takes. These exciting courses form an important foundation for the programme specializations. The dates below are approximate and will change based on scheduling and resource requirements.

data analytics

Big Data Analytics

January 2019

capstone project preparation

Capstone Project Prep

September 2018

cloud computing

Cloud Computing

September 2018

i.t. project management

IT Project Management

November 2018

More information about the programme

Blended learning is a method of course delivery where some course content is delivered face-to-face and some delivered online using Internet-based technologies. The Master's and Postgraduate diploma programmes employ this method to maximize student engagement, increase information dissemination and retention; improve student learning outcomes. As part of this approach, each student enrolled in the programme is provided with his or her own laptop on which they can install any additional software used by the instructor as part of his or her blended mode approach to teaching.

The Postgraduate Diploma is integrated into the Master's programme so that students enrolled in the diploma programme can easily transition to the Master's programme any time they desire. The content for the Postgraduate Diploma consists of the core courses and one additional course from the courses on offer.

Cutting-edge projects are crucial to the success of the Master's programme. We will be partnering with a number of technology companies in Barbados and around to world to bring students interesting and challenging projets that have real-world impact. These projects will expose students to technologies and problems that rely on the knowledge gained in the programme as well as expose them to tools, techniques and technologies that go well beyond any thing that can be taught in the classroom.

Send a quick email to The School of Graduate Studies and Research for more information on funding opportunities as well as details on application deadlines or any other administrative question you may have.

upcoming Events

The Master's in Information Technology starts its academic year in September 2018. There will be two major events to launch the programme.

welcome and orientation

Student Welcome and Orientation

September 5:30pm - 7:30pm E-Commerce Lab, UWI Cave Hill Campus

This is the opportunity to meet and mingle with staff and other students in the programme while getting to know some of the administrative and programme requirements in greater details

Capstone Project Preparation Launch

October 6:00pm - 7:00pm E-Commerce Lab, UWI Cave Hill Campus

This event will feature presentations from some of our technology partners on the projects they want students to work on. Attendees will be provided with an outline of how to approach research and guidance on how to select a project that best fits their interests.

like to become an instructor?

We are always looking for good people. If you have a Master's degree and at least two years experience, or over 10 years experience in one of the courses we have on offer, let us know.